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Strategic effectiveness Services

Strategic effectiveness Services for Corporations
Strategic competence


  • Corporate and functional strategy

  • Innovation

  • Knowledge, processes, methods and tools


Exemplary measures:

  • Strategy development (even in environments with high volatility and uncertainty)

  • Strategy Challenge Workshops

  • Strategic scenario modelling

  • (Re-)design of strategic planning processes and instruments

  • Strategic Innovation & Innovation Audit



Functional organization


  • Organizational structure and functional logic

  • Organizational development and culture

  • Change Management


Exemplary measures:

  • Designing organizational structure and definition of functional logic

  • Organizational development programs

  • Staff development programs

  • Development and implementation of change management projects

  • Strategy-induced change and restructuring programs



Targeted Strategy Implementation


  • Methods and tools

  • Implementation planning and communication

  • Regulation and control


Exemplary measures:

  • Implementation planning

  • Management of strategy and organizational implementation

  • Development of methods and tools for implementation regulation and control

  • Check- and Review-Workshops


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Strategically effective companies act in a targeted manner and consciously deploy their impact in the market. Strategic knowledge and a strategy-adequate organization are key.
Consulting & Training


Strategically effective companies deploy a targeted impact in the market.

To achieve this a fundamental competence of the corporation and their executives in strategic topics is required. At the same time a functional organization is needed, which is able to implement strategies according to objectives. Only the harmonious interaction of all these factors enables a company to unfold its strategic effectiveness fully.

The consulting and training services of Management Counterparts offer support in this respect. Based on specifically conceptualized combinations of interventions, the solution of concrete problems is achieved. Simultaneously, there is also an increase in qualifications on the organizational and individual level obtained.

In such a way organizations as a whole as well as their executives become more strategically effective in the long term.


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Effective cooperation and solution development – also in bigger groups – will become even more significant in the future.




Management and board workshops

A shared understanding of the business challenges is the basis for developing effective strategies, which are supported by all. Well prepared and thoughtfully designed workshops of management teams and supervisory boards help to consolidate and clarify the knowledge base and lead to concrete solutions and a better connectedness within the team.


Good to know

  • Specific alignment of the workshop approach with the objectives, the target group as well as the culture and other framework conditions

  • Targeted combination of proven management methods with group dynamic and systemic process approaches


Workshop formats

  • Solution and concept workshops

  • Workshops for management and boards

  • Design and moderation of meetings and conferences

  • Cross-linking and integration workshops


Workshop topics (examples)

  • Strategy workshops

  • Specific issue and and crisis management workshops

  • Ideas and solution workshops

  • Review and challenge sessions

  • Conflict workshops 


Intensive Off-sites

  • Team retreats (Business solution, team building & personal growth)

  • Large group workshops (various formats)


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Key note speeches
“Why do strategic failures occur and how to prevent them? This is a multi-faceted and fascinating question for me.”


Caroline Cerar - Expert in Strategic Effectiveness

Key note speeches
& Moderation


Caroline Cerar is a committed contributor and has experience as a key note speaker and/or panelist also in the context of large events.


In accordance with the customers, presentations can be particularly designed for specific topics and event formats (from small-scale management meetings to bigger conferences).


She also takes over the moderation of management meetings, business conferences and panel discussions.


Themes of lectures

  • Strategy & Innovation

  • Organization & Change management

  • Management & Leadership


Key note topics (examples)

  • Strategic ignorance and how to prevent it

  •  “Desire and reality?!” – Success in strategic implementation does not come in and of itself

  • “The personal side of change” – How top executives do impact strategic success and change

  • The (il-)logical next question or “How managers can be more effective when asking questions"

  • “Grass does not grow faster when you pull on it…” – Can we increase the speed of innovation?


Public speakings (excerpts)

IBM Nordic Conference

Monte Carlo/Monaco

Lecture on "Innovation Management" at the 22. IBM Nordic Conference in Monte Carlo. Caroline Cerar elaborated on the key factors and preconditions for successful innovation. Moreover, tips on how to establish an effective management of innovations were presented.


2. International Bionics Congress


Caroline Cerar held a speech on "Success factors in Innovation Management". In her contribution she lectured on the interdependence of innovation based on bionics and the necessary management of innovation, and made references to the presentations of other speakers, such as Prof. em. Dr. Werner Nachtigall, Prof. Dr. Bernd Hill und Dr. Rudolf Bannasch.


Presentation of the 2. City-Marketing Award Bavaria

Münchner Staatskanzlei

In her speech Caroline Cerar highlighted the necessity of a clear positioning in the context of a successful city marketing and illustrated this with numerous examples from the germanic-speaking area. The marketing of cities and city centers takes place in a very challenging framework with several stakeholders. It is therefore the key to focus on a clear value proposition, in order to ensure a broad acceptance and support.


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Special topics


The multi-perspective approach focuses both on the corporation as well as on the responsible executives. The services of Management Counterparts deal with both levels. This holds true for all projects. Such an orchestrated proceeding is particularly necessary in following cases:


Cross cutting issues

  • Vision – Mission statement: Development and implementation

  • Integrated strategy, organizational and human resource development programs

  • Change management programs

  • Post Merger Integration und topics in a multi-cultural environment


Problem solution processes

As a management counterpart, Caroline Cerar designs and manages also problem solution processes around rather multi-faceted issues with often contrasting interests – also on the upper and top management levels.


Specific topics

In the framework of the overall theme of strategic effectiveness of corporations and executives Management Counterparts regularly puts emphasis on very specific questions. These are among others:

  • Innovation management and leadership

  • Strategic competence of supervisory boards

  • Recognition, thinking and action strategies for effective executives

  • Question & Leadership – How questions help to lead effectively

  • Awareness and recognition of personal contributions and results in day-to-day management


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Special topics
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