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Strategic effectiveness Services


Caroline Cerar


"Strategic effectiveness is relevant for the corporation as well as for the executives.
Management Counterparts covers both levels.”




Caroline Cerar - Expert in Strategic Effectiveness

Combination of problem solution and increase in competences


The cooperation with executives and key personnel always encompasses a targeted further development in qualifications as well in such a way so that they are capable of running such processes and moderations on their own in the future.


Consulting combines herewith a specific problem solution with a long term enhancement of capabilities within the organization.




Development of solutions with managers in the team

Discussing issues together and working with different perspectives creates a common understanding and prepares the ground for finding solutions. Decisions that were made in the team have a higher liability and develop a positive direction towards implementation.


Specific approach with targeted combination of methods and proven management tools

The approach is specifically designed for the respective requirements and objectives. In addition to the proven management approaches, additional aspects and perspectives of individual, group and system are combined. Herewith interactions between companies and employees/executives are considered as well.


Consultant as a Management Counterpart

The role of the consultant is determined by the specific approach, which is specifically designed for each corporation and each project. Caroline Cerar is a competent counterpart for executives with heart and mind. As a management counterpart she is:


  • Consultant for design and implementation of strategic programs

  • Sparring partner on specific business topics

  • Conversation partner for top executives

  • Coach for personal development and finding individual solutions and conflict resolution

  • Project coach in the background for reflection of set-up and control of complex projects

  • External change promoter across all hierarchy levels


(Project related) increase in qualifications and implementation in the organization
The strategic competence of the managers is specifically taken into account. In the course of projects the competence of the managers is simultaneously developed (for example through the procurement of certain methods or of strategic perception and analysis skills). The focus lies also on implementing new knowledge and new skills in the company permanently and making it usable.


Delicate, complex or conflicting issues - Process facilitation even for the upper and top management levels

With such themes complexity, multiple perspectives and different interests have to find their place. In these open and challenging settings the moderator is simply required to "stand". It entails a quick ascertainment of the situation and reflection capability, as well as reaction and intervention certainty.


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Management Counterparts’ special understanding of consulting:
Client and consultant are reliable and adequate counterparts to each other in a shared sustained process.




Not only solving problems and running projects, but increasing organizational competences, systemic implementation and communication on an eye level.

Consulting and organizational development understood in such a way requires a detailed assessment of the specific requirements and development needs of the organization and their executives and entails the development of a specific approach. This demands a broad role spectrum on parts of the consultant but also the capability of running and supporting open processes – in shared design and reflection with the responsible managers.


Competent process support
Design of framework and process for finding solutions in a team
- without merely depending on the procedural responsibilty


Sparring Partner in finding solutions
Being a professional partner in developing solutions together
- without wanting to offer preconceived solutions


Take a position and intervene actively
Participate and intervene with own knowledge and understanding
- without however limiting the scope through own standpoints


Perceptible personal commitment
Join in actively as a person and a personality with heart and mind
- without wanting to dominate the process


Extensively understood commitment to further education
Continuous development with regards to content, method and person
- but without appearing too academical-theoretical in practice


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Dieser Platz kann Statements zeigen, Bilder oder Grafiken, oder auch mal leer bleiben ... je wie es gebraucht wird.

MMag. Caroline Cerar MSc.
Expert in Strategic Effectiveness


„I am engaging myself with topics at the interface of the organization and its executives – there, where effectiveness is being created or destroyed.“


Caroline Cerar

MMag. Caroline Cerar MSc.

(Studies of Law; Studies of Business Administration; Master of Science in Psychotherapeutic Psychology)


  • Owner and Managing Director - Management Counterparts

  • Psychological Counselor for executives - Executive Counseling

  • University lecturer -

    Department of Corporate Leadership and Entrepreneurship / Karl-Franzens-University Graz


Brief introduction

Caroline Cerar, owner and Managing Director of Management Counterparts, has 18 years of experience in management consulting. As an expert in Strategic Effectiveness, she helps corporations and executives develop their own strategic competence, design and lead functional organizations and become more effective in strategy implementation.


Her expertise lies in strategy development and education, innovation, organizational design and development, coupled with a special focus on strategy implementation and change management. In these topic areas Caroline Cerar acts as a speaker at conferences and seminars, and teaches as a university lecturer at the Institute for Leadership and Entrepreneurship at the University Graz. For executives on the upper management level, she is also a partner for business sparring.


Caroline Cerar studied law, business administration and psychotherapeutic psychology. She completed trainings in Gestalt therapy and systemic coaching, counseling and therapy. Next to business consulting, she works as a business coach for top executives and runs a small psychological counseling institute specialized on individuals with leadership responsibility.


Management Counterparts (formerly Perveno Consulting) was founded in 2009. Before this Caroline Cerar held the position of a partner with Malik Management Zentrum St. Gallen for several years. Prior to her consulting job, she spent more than 8 years in the international consumer goods industry with Procter & Gamble in marketing and sales positions on the local and European level, with both strategic and operational responsibilities.


Professional background
  • ​Since 2009

    Own management consultancy (Management Counterparts; formerly Perveno Consulting)

  • Since 2009

    Self-employed psychological counselor

  • 2009-2012

    Cooperation partner with Malik Management Zentrum St. Gallen

  • 2006-2009

    Partner with Malik Management Zentrum St. Gallen

  • 2004-2006

    Associate Partner with Malik Management Zentrum St. Gallen

  • 2002-2004

    Project Manager with Malik Management Zentrum St. Gallen

  • 1993-2002

    Various strategic and operational leadership functions in the consumer goods industry (Procter&Gamble) with local and international responsibility


Academic background
  • 2005-2007
    Studies of Psychotherapeutic Psychology (Danube University Krems, Austria)

  • 1986-1993
    Studies of Law and Business Administration (Karl-Franzens-University Graz, Austria)


  • Systemic Consulting and Coaching

  • Psychotherapeutic formation in Gestalt therapy

  • Systemic Counseling and Therapy


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