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Strategic effectiveness Services

Special topics


Management Counterparts understands solution and transformation processes in a holistic perspective.

Special topics


The multi-perspective approach focuses both on the corporation as well as on the responsible executives. The services of Management Counterparts deal with both levels. This holds true for all our projects. Such an orchestrated proceeding is particularly necessary in following cases:


Cross cutting issues

  • Vision – Mission statement: Development and implementation

  • Integrated strategy-, organizational and human resource development programs

  • Change Management-Programme

  • Post Merger Integration und topics in a multi-cultural environment


Problem solution processes

As a management counterpart Caroline Cerar also designs and manages problem solution processes around rather multi-faceted issues with often contrasting interests – also on the upper and top management levels.


Specific topics

In the framework of the overall theme of strategic effectiveness of corporations and executives, Management Counterparts regularly puts emphasis on very specific questions. These are among others:

  • Innovation management and leadership

  • Strategic competence of supervisory boards

  • Recognition, thinking and actions strategies for effective executives

  • Question & Leadership – How questions help to lead effectively

  • Awareness and recognition of personal contributions and results in day-to-day management



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